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Zar crossed her arms as a pair I gargantuan orange eyes appeared on the other side of the wire cage...

"Well Cutie, time for ya to go home," the great eyes danced with a hint of doubt, "Dont make yourself too comfortable, eh?"

The human simply smirked. "Have I ever steered you wrong, Jack?"

The giant rolled his ember eyes before unlatching the door. He held out his palm and waited for the beautiful jet black haired human to mount.

Jack and Zar had been an unlikely pair of friends... Shelter keeper -'do shelter girl- Zar was spunky, and full of attitude. Jack had found her sneaking about in the shelter, cornered her and plucked her by the collar- the shelter owner wanted her killed istantly, her wild behavior wasn't suitable for customers... But Jack persuaded the owner to spare the girls life... He believed she'd be adopted some day..

She was young, 17 years old, cute and full of energy. Jack wasn't surprised when he recieved a phone call from a man showing great interest in the little fire ball...

Zar sucked in her cheeks, as Jack and her made it to the front desk. Standing aimlessly gazing around te waiting room was a tall, scruffy giant male- his eyes were bright yellow- very common color for most giants... His hair was honey brown, his jaw covered in a dark goldish stubble.  He wore dark dark jeans, black leather jacket and comfortable looking brown leather shoes..

When Jack waved, the giants eyes widened. A toothy grin filled his features as his gold eyes met Zar's.

"Well, even cuter in person!" He boomed.

Zar jumped a the sound of his voice. It was so deep!! And rumbly... Zar bit her lip as his body drew closer, his face becoming more and more handsome by the second.

He stopped for a moment, letting his eyes devour the sight below him...

"Damn, Jack! You was really gonna kill er?" The giant mused gently. His eyes never left the humans...

Zar flinched at those words... She scowled and crossed her arms. Boy, this giant was sure positive...

"Well, Barn, I made sure that didn't happen. She's a little wild one---"

"Aw that's why I came here! I like wild..." The giant smiled down at Zar and rubbed his stubble.

Zar couldn't help but smile back at his handsome face... He winked wickedly then patted his chest.

"So do I sign the papers or somethin?" He asked with a grin.

Jack nodded and set Zar on the counter. He took out a few documents and a pen, and gave them to the customer.

The giant rubbed his hands together, excitingly.  "Damn, I'm pumped.." He scribbled fast, his tongue stuck out in concentration, making Zar giggle.

The tingle bubbly laugh made the giant look up with wild curiosity. "Aw, you think that's funny, Kido?"

Za shrugged innocently.

The giant straightened up then handed the documents to Jack.

"Thanks, Barney- appreciate it," Jack smiled, then beamed down at Zar. "She's a bit of a handful... But she'll do you good,"

Barney laughed, a booming chuckled that made Zar jump with surprise.

Then he stood over her tiny form and gaze down for a good minute or so.

Zar didn't back down. "Somethin on my face, Big guy?" She teased.

Jack shot her a weary glance. "Manners, Zar.." He warned.

Barney smiled at Jack, waving him off politely. "Oh, dunt worry bout it, Jack. She has my kind of humor- don't ya Gal?"

Then he leaned on his elbows- one arm on either side of Zar's little body, his great face pressing into hers-

Zar yelped and sucked in a gust of Barney's warm, minty breath- she could feel his pokey stubble nip her face, his bottom lip quivering against Zar's abdomen.

Then he pulled away, leaving Zar breathless, heart racing, legs and arms trembling.

"Well, hope you too have fun," Jack said. "Take care, Zar... Remember your place," he said firmly.

Still shaken, Zar managed to nod her obedience...

Then Barney scooped up his little morcel and held her against his chest.

He gazed into her wide eyes, and frowned slightly. "Gosh, Darlin- didn't mean to scare ya..."

Barney tuned away from the the counter and made his way to the exit.

Zar shivered and shut her eyes. Things were about to change... And she had to be on her best behavior...

Barney had gotten real close- it showed just how gargantuan he was... Zar glanced up at him, and saw how he had a satisfied smile on his face..

Then he looked down. "So, Zar," he said with a wink, "how'd you really get to the shelter?"

Zar blinked in surprise. Did- did he know--?

"I heard that you're truly wild-from the human world or somethin... That's mighty rare, just sayin..."

Zar shrugged. "I'm from a shelter. That's all," she lied.

Barney stopped dead. "Naw don't lie to me," he said almost pleadingly.

Zar felt his golden eyes on her suddenly red face.

"If yer gonna be my girl, gotta be honest with each other...right?"

Zar shut her eyes tightly. "Yup- I got it.."

Then Barney sighed. "C'mon now! What happened to all that spunk? Being wild is an amazing thing! What you hiding?"

Zar met his saddened eyes. "It's jus a lot to explain..."
"Well I'm still young!" Barney said thumping his chest with his free hand. Zar shook from the impact.

"Tell me, Hun- in the car?" Barney pressed.
Zar slumped and shrugged lazily. "Kay, fine..."
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