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May 1, 2013
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"Hey, um... Excuse me? Mr. Giant sir?"

Karl groaned sleepily and forced his heavy eyelids to open. The dark cloak of night made Karl want to shut his eyes once more- but the child's voice was unmistakably persistent.

"Please, sir! I need- I need help!" the owner of the voice sounded desperate.. But Karl had absolutely no enthusiasm, no motivation whatsoever to look at the tiny being beside his ear..
"Human," he groaned softly. "Can't you let a poor fellow sleep?"

Karl gasped as something soft touched the his ear tip. He sucked in a deep breath of air as the soft feeling traveled into his hair... He could feel tiny little hands, grabbing at his long strands of black hair, and he could feel the minuscule feet pressing into his scalp.

His instinct told him to stay still, his mind fold him to go back go sleep... The boy would grow tired of this silly game and leave Karl alone. Right?

Suddenly Karl felt a sharp pinch- be groaned angrily and bared his teeth, forcing himself not to snarl like the monster he was. The last thing he needed was a crying human- he just wanted some peace and quiet. Where where these kid's parents anyway?

Then Karl's eyes widened as the tinyling's body tumbled onto his bare chest (note, the child had climbed into the Giana's hair- but had lost his footing, and ended up toppling over the Giana's face)

There was a loud "Ouch!!" Followed by a soft whimper.

Karl's skin tingled from the boy's skin touching his own... He wanted to pluck the boy in his fingers and chuck him across the night sky- but of course, Karl didn't really consider that as a wise option.

So, Karl let out the most patient sigh he could muster, before gently picking up the child between his thumb and forefinger. As he did this, Karl also began to sit up.

He winced as the cold wind, nipped at his bare back, but he full on grimaces as tiny wails explode from the boy's tiny lungs.

"Lemme go! Please don't hurt me!!!" The child cried out miserably, "I just c-c-couldnttttt f-f-findddd m-m-myyyyaaa ffffamiliiyyyyy!"

The ready was unintelligible.... For the first time in his life, Karl resents his ability to see in the dark.. He could see every salty year sprint down the boy's youthful face, he could see the snot, and saliva pooling in the boy's gaping mouth.. The big was shaking too/ from fear or from cold, Karl did not know... But it was obvious how frightened the boy was. It made Karl's hard heart quench with an unfamiliar sense of sympathy.

"Aw kid," he tried to calm the little buck down as best as he could. "Please don't be sad! Whatever happened to your courage?"

The boy let out a shuddering breath, but seemed relieved once Karl had placed him in the ground. He gazed up an up and up into Karl's face, and sniffed loudly.

"I- I'm lost..." he whimpered. "I've been looking everywhere for my parents! But I can't find them!" A fresh generation of tears began to boil in the boy's bloodshot eyes, causing Karl's heart to break into two agonize chunks.

"Hey! You know, I bet they're looking for you right now!" Karl said softly. He hesitantly lowered his hand to the ground and smiled encouragingly at the boy's bewildered expression.

"Why don't ya let me warm you up? It's quite chilly out- I bet you don't want I get a cold huh?"

To his utter surprise, Karl watched the tiny boy race into his open hand/ Karl couldn't help but gasp as those tiny hands touched his skin! He chuckled uncontrollably as the tiny boy tripped, but Karl held him up so he would fall right into his face.

The boy looked into Karl's curious eyes and smiled tiredly. "Could/ could I sleep with you? I don't think I'll be able to find my parents in the dark..."

Karl beamed at him. "Of course, little partner! Are you hungry maybe? I have a bit of a biscuit leftover from my supper--"

"Oh gosh you don't eat people do you?" The boy cut across Karl with a Lou shout.

Karl felt himself scowl at the boy's question. But he quickly transformed his frown into a thoughtful smile and raised the hitting is eyes.

"I don't eat people..." He murmured softly, "Even if I did, I would never want to hurt you....What is your name, Little Man? You can call me Karl..."

The boy reached out hesitantly and ran his dimpled hand across Karl's upper lip. Karl had not shaved for a few days- the feeling of the child's delicate fingers stroking Karl's stubble caused the great Titan to shudder with pleasure.

He winced apologetically once the boy's hand had shot back in alarm.

"Sorry," he smiled and held the boy to his bare chest. "It just tickled is all... Jus lay there and shut your eyes,"

The tinyling yawned adorably before nuzzling into Karl's skin. Karl smiled down at his little companion before sliding down to his back. He rested his had onto the little boy's fragile back, as he began to hum a soft lullaby.

Sleep little one
The day is done
Shut your eyes
And say goodbye
To the setting sun

Sleep little one
Don't worry about the night
I'lll hold you tight, with all my might
Till the morning comes

He hummed and sang the words in a soft murmur, careful not to disturb the tiny creature under his finger get tips.

"Mr, Giant? I mean Karl?" the little sprite asked sleepily.

Karl stopped singing and chuckled gently. "Yes, Little One?"

There was a loud childish yawn.  Followed by a tiny sneeze.

"My name is Soren by the way... Thank you for letting me sleep with you..." The boy mumbled,

Soren sneezed once more, causing Karl to chuckle again.

"Of course, Soren... And bless you, bless you my little friend..."
FLUFF alert!!!!

A bedtime story I wrote to help me get tired... Man I'm so tired l! Looooooong day!
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kopela1 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014
oh my Gosh! Don't EVER Stop writing. these! Some of. the best things I've ever read!!!!!!!!   :happybounce: :happybounce: 
waterstar70 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014
XD XD DAWWW THANKS! I"M SOOO HAPPY YOU LIKE MY WRITING!Araiguma 01 Araiguma 01 Araiguma 01 Araiguma 01 Araiguma 01 
kopela1 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014
you are soooo very welcome :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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Juxshoa Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
I know this story has good fluff(I like fluff), but a few lines were borderline...disturbing if you catch my drift. Don't take it the wrong way, but there could have been better wording.
waterstar70 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014
 aren't all GT stories a bit creepy?
But i know what you mean thnx
terria4 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014
Many years from now if I have kids of my own, I have to read this to them.
waterstar70 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014
Awwww! XD
Giggles325 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2013
waterstar70 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2013
Haha glad you liked it!!!
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